"Combining advances in neuroscience and technology with personalized care"

          BrainWave Diagnostics is a testing center established to provide patients, doctors and other health or school professionals access to a new technology to aid in the diagnosis of a spectrum of neurological disorders.  We utilize the Digital Cortical Scan from Lexicor to record and analyze specific brainwave patterns researchers have identified to be associated with various clinical disorders.For example, significant elevation of the ratio of total theta frequency divided by beta frequency ( the theta-beta ratio) is found to be highly specific and sensitive for disorders such as ADD and ADHD.  This information should be utilized as a supplement to the traditional evaluation by careful history, AD/HD rating scales and other testing as needed.  The Digital Cortical Scan is made possible through advancements in quantitative EEG equipment paired with the ability to analyze brainwave data with sophisticated computer assisted modeling.  This new technology appeared at the same time as research into how the brain works revealed that many problems previously labeled as behavioral or occurring as a result of faulty parenting, etc., are really expressions of genetically determined and/or biochemical differences of the brain.  It is anticipated that in the near future this unique technology will be utilized for the diagnosis of other neurological conditions.

          The Digital Cortical Scan procedure is painless, requires no sedation, and is generally completed in one hour.  It is standardized from age 6 years to adults.  Ongoing research supports testing preschoolers as well.  Test results for ADD,ADHD, and other neurologic issues are interpreted by Dr. Jubelirer and will be available in 48 hours.  BrainWave Diagnostics will forward this report directly to the patient and/or to the referring professional.

          BrainWave Diagnostics suggests patients check with their insurance plan to see if this procedure is covered by their plan. Tell the plan that you wish to see if codes 96517 and 96816 will be paid. If not, let us know so we may apply cash discounts.