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New patient suspecting ADHD Diagnosis

        The AD/HD diagnostic evaluation process for new patients begins with a comprehensive history questionnaire covering current and past problems, treatments, symptoms, and family history review. In addition, a survey of potential co-existing disorders is filled out. These documents, along with past treatment records, must be completed and returned to our office prior to the first visit. A one hour consultation visit will then be scheduled to discuss a broad range of concerns and impairments dictated by the history. For children and teens both parents and child should be present; for adults, a spouse or significant other should accompany you.
     Most often, the consultation session will dictate the need to accumulate other data.This may include the Conner’s AD/HD Rating Scales for children or adults, the Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adults (DICA IV), examination of prior testing, and possibly a Digital Cortical Scan or qEEG (click on the tab BrainWave Diagnostics for more information).
     After this information is gathered, a second one hour visit  is scheduled to review the testing, make a diagnosis, and discuss the various treatment options including exercise, medication, nutrition, and the need for coaching and/or ongoing therapy. Further neuropsychological or neuroeducational evaluation may also be recommended. 
    A  third 1 hour visit for further education about ADHD and to discuss setting fuure goals and practical real-life ways to reach these goals is part of our new patient treatment program.
    Treatment is monitored more closely when newly diagnosed and follow-up office appointments called Progress Reports occur every three months thereafter.

Patients with Prior ADHD Diagnosis

    If you have had a prior ADHD diagnosis and wish to to discuss medication issues and options only, this can often be accomplished in a single one hour session.