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Child/Adolescent Groups

Social Bugs and Butterflies - 

Social skills groups designed to train children to be successful in social situations. Topics include self-respect, assertive communication, listening, problem solving, and relaxation skills to "keep your cool."

In the Middle - 

Groups focused on empowering children who are in the middle of divorce or family conflict situations. Group members will create ecomap drawings to identify and understand their changing family system. Topics will include assertive communication skills, positive ways to express feelings, and relaxation skills to help deal with anxiety.

I'm OK - 

Sexual abuse treatment groups for teens. Group members will use journaling to tell their story and express feelings. "Say Stop and Tell", child abuse prevention curriculum will be used to teach teens how to protect themselves from abusive relationships and further sexual abuse. Group topics will include My Body is OK, My Mind is OK, and My Heart is OK. 

For more information, or to sign up for a group, please email Michelle Brown, MSW at michelle@in-focushealth.com

Groups are facilitated by Michelle Brown, MSW under clinical supervision of Carrie Short, LCSW. Michelle has a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Psychology from Oklahoma State University and a Master's of Social Work degree from University of Oklahoma. She has 15 years of experience working with children and their families. As a forensic interviewer at the Justice Center, Michelle interviewed hundreds of children who experienced physical and sexual abuse. She has extensive training in child development, child abuse dynamics, and effective therapeutic interventions for children in group therapy.